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Hiring Au Pairs

Au Pairs work in the homes of their clients with simple tasks like childcare responsibilities and light housework. In exchange, Au Pair gets accommodation, free language lessons, regular meals, pocket-money for personal expenses and enjoying cultural exchange and life abroad in Norway.

Au Pairs for Norway: Welcome


3-5 months


5900 Norwegian krone


Work 30 hours a week with free language course

Au Pairs for Norway: Job Seekers


  • Min 1 year related experience as a Babysitter / Nanny / Caregiver

  • Single, unmarried, and without kids (as per au pair rules)

  • Preferably below 30 years old


Documents needed:

  • Completed Application Form

  • Original & 3 Photocopies of the following:

    • Passport with minimum 2.5 years validity

    • (photo info page & contact details)

    • Current residence work visa/card both sides

    • Birth Certificate

    • Certificate Of Singleness (Cenomar)

    • High School Diploma, College Degree/Diploma & TOR-with English translation

    • Work permit - front and back in one page

    • Visa and Contract

    • Current & previous employment reference letters or testimonials

    • Other training certificates
      example: first aid, childcare, baking (if any)

  • Type-Written Host Family Letter (including daily routine as Babysitter/Nanny/Caregiver, etc.)

  • 4 x passport photos (35mm/45mm)

  • 2 x full-body photos

  • 2 x photos taken with kids/elderly


  • An Au Pair is not a maid. As an Au Pair is treated as a member of the host family, she lives and travel with the host family, and partakes in the cultural exchange program like free language lessons, learn their culture, lifestyle and bonding with the community.

  • Au Pair contributes only 30 hours of her time each week to assist the host family with childcare and light housework.

Au Pairs for Norway: Industries

To learn more about all of our programs, please contact us today. We’re waiting to help you out.

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