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Work as a Production Worker For A
Confectionery Company - Donut Production

Work as a production worker in Poland, the land ofwonderful nature. Free accomodation is provided in this job offer.

*Note: vacancies have been filled for this position. Contact us for other opportunities

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Work in a Donut Factory in Poland






Free Accommodation

Eligibility for PR after 5 years

Caregivers and Nannies for Canada: Job Seekers
Caregivers and Nannies for Canada: Industries

Notice: All vacancies have been filled for this position. Please contact us for other opportunities.

Applicants* can now enter Europe using this golden opportunity to apply as Production Workers to Poland and apply PR after 5 years. After the contract ends in Poland, you can also choose to enter Spain or other parts of Europe.

Free accommodation is provided for this job!

Job Description:

  • Sorting the product

  • Packaging Products (Machine and Manual Packaging)

  • Ensuring the quality of the products before forwarding to inventory department.

  • Work at least 5 to 6 days a week
    - Night and Day shifts of 8, 11, 12 hours each
    - Candidates who work diligently for 12 hours, 6 days week each month with 12 Zloty per hour net should earn minimum 3456 zloty per month ÷ 2.8556 = SGD$1210.25 excluding overtime


  • Anyone below 50 years old

  • No experience required!


As long as you are motivated, learns fast and have a High School Graduation certificate, you are aligible to apply.

Documents needed:​

  • Updated resume with personal details and a recent photo

    • ​(Please indicate Job Descriptions for all jobs held.)
      All Current and previous work experience listed in your resume must be supported with employment certificates

  • Original & 2 Colour Photocopies of the following:

    • High School Diploma or its equivalent

    • College Degree with transcript of record

    • Skills Certificates

    • work experiences such as current & previous job offer letters, employment contracts, appointment letters, confirmation letters, renewal of contract letters, employment certifications, reference letters, testimonials, statement of services

    • NBI & Police Clearance from current country of residence

    • Current work visa/permit - front & back in 1 page

    • Passport (photo info page & contact details) with validity of at least 2 years

    • Birth Certificate

    • Marriage certificate, if any

    • Death certificate of spouse (if widow/widower)

    • Other training certs (if any) 

  • Current & previous employment certification, reference letters or testimonials

  • 4 x recent passport photos with white background (35mm/45mm)

  • 2 x full body photos in either 3R or 4R in white background

Interested applicants, please email us all the above-mentioned documents to our email address at:


Applicants can also Walk-in every Sundays from 2pm to 5pm and bring all of the above-mentioned documents.

* Note: Due to Embassy restrictions, Filipino applicants can only apply Poland Working Visa at Poland Embassy in KL, Malaysia and are required to appear in person two times to apply and collect visa (after two weeks), in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

To learn more about all of our programs, please contact us today. We’re waiting to help you out.

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